Acetone wash methamphetamine

26 Apr 2012

. risk level down to that of say, shooting street heroin or shooting street methamphetamine. . Would and anhydrous acetone wash put a dent in it? Or is an acid/bass necessary?

cold acetone is used to wash the methamphetamine. toyota. doctors in wilmington nc that perscribe methadone for pain. manual: Forgot your password?

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starting with benzenepropose a synthesis of methamphetamine. methamphetamine detection Acetone wash methamphetamine time. food balance in methamphetamine. acetone wash down for methamphetamine

hydrogen peroxid methamphetamine. substitute for methamphetamine. acetone wash down for methamphetamine. crystal methamphetamine vitimans for help. methamphetamine shake and Acetone wash methamphetamine bake recipe .

acetone wash on methamphetamine is from Other Drugs forum, part of the Hip Forums. Discuss other drugs psychedelic or not..

Methamphetamine Recipe (How To Make) . acid and salt and filter out the product, then do an ice cold dry acetone wash and .

How to Make Methamphetamine Index: Materials: listed for the lava reaction only . pills that are easily cleaned with a TCE pull and cold dry acetone wash (be Acetone wash methamphetamine .

An essay or paper on The Methods of Mixing Methamphetamine. Re: DETAILED METHODS for NON . step 6: Next you can do an acetone wash, by putting your psuedo some acetone in a jar .

I believe cold acetone is used to wash the methamphetamine to remove impurities (per web references)

. 22/2008 3 posts First post: 2/22/2008 Feb 22, 2008 Best Answer: I believe cold acetone is used to wash the methamphetamine to .

Drug info - Acetone wash! Help!!! Methamphetamine . Hi guys! Quickly,
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